Strategic Investments In Blockchain Disruptors

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Strategic Investments

We focus on strategic investments in blockchain companies to help them raise capital to develop their prototypes and complete their ICO successfully

Advisory and Partnerships

Amplifi focuses on taking an advisory role in most of our investments – ranging from token metrics, ICO launches and strategic blockchain partnerships 

Marketing and Outreach

Some of the top You Tube influencers are part of the Amplifi group and have helped raise the visibility of ICOs through AMAs and video reviews

Our Mission

Amplifi Capital was formed by a group of early crypto adopters turned private investors. We have invested in over 35 sector specific companies in the last 12 months alongside some of the world’s leading venture capital firms.

We have a strong belief in the long-term survival of blockchain ecosystem which is set to disrupt the world as we used to know it. We have positioned ourselves as early adopter of blockchain technologies and are committed to investing in this space.

One of our major strength lies in the array of our team… we are successful entrepreneurs from various walks of life who leverage an extensive international and local network of professional investors, marketers and influencers of the crypto space.

We command authority in the crypto trends and development. In recent times, we have made various individual investment decisions ranging from $30,000 to more than $3 million.

We validate our investment decisions based on our deep understanding of the whole blockchain ecosystem’s principle. We invest in companies with long-term outlook within this ecosystem and constantly task our network of skilled individuals to develop trends-shaping exposures.

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